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Stage 1 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the pinnacle association that represents the engineering profession. Numerous associations and employers require that engineers are eligible for membership with Engineers Australia. To be qualified for membership you have to exhibit what is known as Stage 1 competency assessment for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment. The most straightforward approach to exhibit Stage 1 competency for Engineers Australia Assessment is through the completion of an engineering qualification that is accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia.  

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This guide is also for people looking for recognition as being qualified for membership with Engineers Australia who do not hold engineering qualification that previously accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia.

For instance:

► Candidates holding Australian engineering qualification that have not been accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia.

► Candidates holding engineering qualification from abroad nations which are not recognized under the Washington, Sydney, or Dublin Accords or through a Notice of Understanding for the formal acknowledgment of capabilities.

► Candidates holding post-graduate engineering qualification while the college degree is related to engineering.

What is Stage 1 Competency Assessment?

Stage 1 Competency Assessment implies that you have detailed knowledge on engineering applicable to your category related to your work including Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate; and the ability to use this knowledge to tackle technical issues. You are required to have all the skills necessary to function as an expert, and the proficient abilities to frequently spread your insight through ceaseless learning in formal and informal conditions.

Stage 1 Competency Assessment is a set of knowledge and expert characteristics, which are assessed as competencies. Every Competency defines a particular zone of performance and incorporates Elements, which are the fundamental segments or activities which structure the Competency. Details of the Elements are different for every one of the three professional classes. You ought to decide every Element in a complete way to be assessed as a component of Stage 1 Competency Assessment. Every Element has a lot of Indicators which will assess the degree of your performance and judge whether the component of competency was accomplished or not. These Indicators clarify and enroll the methods wherein the Element would distinctively be built up and assessed.

The principle part of the this stage 1 competency assessment is the Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia (CDR) which incorporates; 3 Career Episodes representing your Engineering Competencies, CPD and the Summary Statement. Those three Career Episodes can be identified with your educational projects, entry level position and engineering job or employment.

There are various Competency Demonstration Report CDR sample suitable for valuation for membership with the Engineers Australia realistic at All our EA CDR sample will help you in CDR preparation to get your CDR report acknowledged by the Engineers Australia. CDR Report sample are set up according to the necessities of MSA Booklet. CDR Australia Sample incorporates; 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement and CPD arranged in basic language and are simple for the formation of your own CDR report.

Mandatory Requirement

It is mandatory to exhibit that sufficient supporting engineering knowledge has been acquired. This knowledge is most handily acquired as a feature of an initial qualification related to engineering.

Engineers Australia supports the highest standards in the engineering professions. Applicants holding non-engineering qualifications or qualifications in fields identified with engineering should observe that their qualifications and experience, while giving the basis for a wonderful career in the engineering field, may not fulfill these requirements.

In the event that there is a deficit in the supporting engineering knowledge base, at that point crossing over the educational gap is hard to show with work experience alone. In most cases extra formal educational study would be required.

Components of Stage 1 Competency Assessment

Components of Stage 1 Competency Assessment

The Stage 1 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia skills assessment consists of three components:

  • Competency 1: Knowledge Base
  • Competency 2: Engineering Ability
  • Competency 3: Professional Attributes

Every competency portrays a specific area of performance and includes components. The components are the important parts of activities which make up the competency. Details of the components are diverse for every one of the three occupational categories. To be assessed as Stage 1 competent you must exhibit every component in a general sense. Every component has a set of indicators which give a guide for the degree of execution and allow a judgment to be made on whether the component of competency has been accomplished. These indicators portray and list the methods by which the component would ordinarily be exhibited and assessed. While it is normal that each component will be accomplished, assessment is made on a holistic basis and it isn’t normal that each Indicator will be met.

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